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There is nothing so interesting about me..I was born in May 1990 and i like reading,cycling,eating,lol..In few words I´m goofy,even frisky sometimes,thoughtful,caring,moody,sarcastic,friendly.I´m really obsessed about SPN and I also watch enough other shows,too...I like making some fan arts etc,although i´m not good at making this stuff yet...Then i love taking photograps,caring about horses etc...I live in small town in Czech Republic.


Favorite Tv shows-
Supernatural,Heroes,Grey´s anatomy,How I Met Your Mother,Prison Break,House,Gilmore Girls,Cold case,Dawson´s creek,Veronica Mars,Criminal minds

Favorite actors-
Jensen Ackles,Jared Padalecki,Milo Ventimiglia,William Fichtner,Wentworth Miller,Hugh Laurie,Nicholas Cage,Jack Nicholson,Ian Somerhalder

Favorite actress-
Sandra Bullock,Hayden Panettiere,Kirsten Bell,Lauren Graham,Calista Flockhart

that´s not easy at all for me to choose some music,because i love soundtracks and there are different kinds of music,but ok...i would say Nickelback,Linkin Park..lol..i don´t know what else..but i´ll share with you all my favorite songs..

it´s soooo hard...i like many many movies..Pay it forward,The Gift,The Prestige,Hidalgo,Black Beauty(i know,i know,but i can´t help it),Freaky Friday,As Good As it gets,Tais-toi!,Le Diner de cons,Whale rider,Gone Baby Gone...


You can feel free to add me as friend-if you wanna to me add you,just let me know...Everyone is welcomed..*wink*


Thank you all of you..

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THANK YOU inma_ny and sweet_silence01

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